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Julie Kaewert writes novels about books and the characters who love them.

Learn more about her bestselling bibliomysteries, recently completed literary biblioromance, and future biblioadventures.

Historical Biblioquest


Under development

Seventeen-year-old Grace Plumtree, penwoman to King Charles II following her father’s death, unleashes the power of family heritage and seeks justice for all in the dangerous year of 1670.


Season of the Crane: Migration of a Cather Scholar

Under development

The works of Willa Cather cause one literary scholar to fall in love, in this novel evoking land as character in the season of Sandhill crane migration.


The National Trust Mysteries for Booklovers

Under development

This continuation of the Plumtree series takes place in the ancient libraries, secret passageways, moats, walled rose gardens, and family histories of the manor houses of England’s bibliophiles. The completed but as yet unpublished historical Plumtree prequel, Unlocked, contains the Easter egg that sets the stage for this new series.


…an action-packed, suspenseful thriller, with mystery that grows downright spooky before it is all very satisfactorily wrapped up…There’s never a dull page in this international page-turner…we hope to hear from [Kaewert] again. She is good.



…a rollercoaster ride of thrills…With typical British style and wit, Unsolicited is one of the better examples of the English way of writing. Eschewing explicit sex and violence, she creates a story with an actual plot. How amazing.



Anglophiles, bibliophiles and mystery lovers in general will enjoy UNTITLED. Kaewert presents a lively story peppered with facts that appeal to the bookworm in all of us. The mystery will beguile you and history fans will find themselves murmuring ‘what if…


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Books as life

We’re all here tonight because we love books - and Mullen High School, of course. I thought it might be fun to explore, in this wonderful setting where we’re surrounded by books, the idea that the books we choose have a lot to do with who exactly we are...and who we...

The creative process

Tonight I’m delighted to have the chance to talk to you about one of my favourite mysteries. It’s something that takes my daily work out of the ordinary into an exciting, almost magical world… A mystery that regularly gives me goosebumps… One that I’ll never...

Memorable moments of the Plumtree Series: Book Moments for Booklovers

I’m very honored to be here. I love Nebraska, Nebraskans and books, and here we are with all three…it doesn’t get much better. I’m excited to write my “Nebraska Book” one day, certain to involve Willa Cather. What I do have is a series of mysteries for booklovers, set...

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