Historical Biblioquest


Unlocked is the story of Grace Plumtree, the daughter of King Charles II’s penman. Grace and her father share a quiet life of professional penmanship on London Bridge, or so it appears, as war with the Dutch looms. But father and daughter lead secret lives of political intrigue, and are the keepers of an ancient mystery pertaining to their long-lost family property. On Grace’s seventeenth birthday, two events change her life forever: she comes into possession of the Watersmeet Book, a legendary tome sought by bibliophiles since the twelfth century; and her father is seized by the King’s men.

The atmosphere of Unlocked is woven from the art of calligraphy, the mystery surrounding the origin of the alphabet, an ancient encoded manuscript, the community of penmen in Restoration London, Grace’s home in the desanctified Chapel of St Thomas à Becket on London Bridge, the Secret Cabal of Charles II’s reign, a spiritual adventure, and the reconciliation of a daughter with her father.