Season of the Crane: Migration of a Cather Scholar

Season of the Crane begins when Middleford (Vermont) College Professor Alex Bergson’s marriage and career fall apart in the same week. Devastated, the Ph.D. and Willa Cather scholar flees to her Nebraska roots. There, struggling to regain her balance on the Bergson family farm amid clouds of migrating Sandhill cranes, she rekindles a once-in-a-lifetime romance with her childhood soulmate, veteran Henry Stillwater. In this new setting she rediscovers the power of Cather’s literature—and her once-beloved land—in ways that awaken her to a new future. But even as she draws strength from these insights and contemplates a permanent return, she receives tenure from Middleford and regretful entreaties from the troubled husband who betrayed her. Now she must decide: will she migrate away again like the cranes and Cather herself, or remain on the land and let romance blossom?