First Paragraph

“Sarah! Darling. Say it again – all of it. Please.”

Disbelief warred with joy as I struggled to grasp my fiancee’s words, the very words I’d wanted to hear.

Rich and exuberant, her laugh reverberated down the line. “I said, my work here is over, Alex. I’m coming home!”

A grin spread across my face. I’d read news reports of the power shift in Iraq, where my American fiancée was involved in something frightfully secret for an international task force. But I hadn’t dreamed…

Uncatalogued cover copy

“It promises to be the find of the century: documents by famed diarist Samuel Pepys rumoured to be in the U.S. – which is where publisher Alex Plumtree and his fiancée, Sarah, are headed for his college reunion. Then bizarre things start happening…a Royal accident imperils the succession and fiery violence rocks London, mimicking Pepys’s chronicles of seventeenth-century England.

Things get even more curious when the archivist who stumbled on the uncatalogued papers vanishes. Then a centuries-old scandal surfaces that could bring down the modern monarchy. Soon Alex begins to suspect that the diaries may not have been penned by Pepys after all – but by someone whose shocking actions may have altered the course of history….”