First Paragraph

Finding the world’s rarest book in my library that Sunday afternoon was a bibliophile’s dream. But now I’d give anything if I hadn’t caught a glimpse of its hiding place behind my bookshelves.

For while that outwardly charming volume fascinated and delighted the bibliomaniac world, it held dangerous secrets – secrets that not only ignited hostilities that had simmered for a millennium, but took from me everything I held most precious.

“Julie Kaewert’s fourth ‘booklover’s mystery’ is the best yet! If you haven’t been reading the series, begin with this one for a delightful literary mystery featuring lost incunabula, or ‘cradle books’ printed in the 15th century…Filled with book lore and comic allusions to real publishers and political personalities, Untitled is also a novel of adventure and political intrigue.”
Mary Helen Becker

Booked for Murder

“Alex is an engaging and often comic hero, and he is supported by wonderful secondary characters…charming…suspenseful.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Mystery aficionados are sure to relish the sharp plot and its snappy romp from the book publishing world of London’s Bloomsbury neighborhood to the bedchambers of medieval kings. For book lover, there is a brilliant story-with-a-story…[an] ornate, overstuffed parlor of a book, chock full of enough twists, turns and intrigue…a dense and colorful read.”
Boulder Camera

“Anglophiles, bibliophiles and mystery lovers in general will enjoy UNTITLED. Kaewert presents a lively story peppered with facts that appeal to the bookworm in all of us. The mystery will beguile you and history fans will find themselves murmuring ‘what if…’”
Romantic Times Magazine